Poor Man’s Pudding


This is so so so quickly, easy and affordable – even bachelors can master this one! By the time you finished your meal, the pudding is ready.

Batter: 125g Margarine                                Syrup: 1½cup boiling water

1½ tbsp Cacao                                                   1k Brown sugar

1 Egg                                                                      3e Cacao

1cup Milk                                                             1tbsp Margarine

¾ cup Sugar

¾cup Milk

½t sp Vanilla essence

Pinch of salt

15mℓ Baking powder

Method (Batter):

–  Cream the sugar and margarine;

–  Add the egg and mix well;

–  Add the dry ingredients and milk in turns, mix well;

–  Add the vanilla essence;

–  Pour into a ring pan;

–  Pour boiling syrup over;

–  Cover with plastic and bake in the microwave for 5 min @ 70% power;

–  Uncover and bake another 5 min @ 70% power.

Method (Syrup):

– Boil all the ingredients in the microwave – approx. 2-3 min.


–  No need to level the cacao spoon – the extra bit gives the pudding a nice rich colour.

–  I add a bit of coffee powder to the batter – amazing results!

Thanx Twattie se Maaikie!


One response

  1. Hallo
    Ek sal graag die resep vir my “Batchelor” seun wou stuur maar die spacing van die bestandele gepkaas op die resep is so verwarrend op my bb dat ek dit nie kan waag nie. Kan U asb die resep “edit” en vir my aanstuur asb. Baie dankie

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